Believe – by Dan Dunnum

Today morning during my shower my thought was at some movies I saw yesterday. The movies were about miracles. When you believe miracles happen. I don’t know why, but a name popped up in my mind, Dan Dunnum. Dan is a photographer friend who I know from the Internet. After getting dressed, I ran down to the office and started to write.

I opened Dan’s Blog, which is such a great Blog by the way.

I knew that the other day I was reading his article about “Believe” Not all Will Find It.

Here is a quote:

This morning I had a lot of things ringing in my ears, and the one that would not let me alone was something my preacher Terry Cooper said in his sermon yesterday.  I will have to paraphrase it, “I cannot make you believe in Jesus.”

You know, I wish I could make people believe, but that is not God’s plan.  It makes my heart ache to see people I love that seem to ignore him or worse yet pay Him lip service.  No, I cannot know their heart, but you can see the fruit and makes your heart ache.  God is specific:

Oh man, I got touched by this. Thanks Dan sharing this. May you and your beloved family be blessed as well as your friends and all who are reading this.


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