Thai Habits

Thai habits, as I know from my country, and claims are not often reached abroad because partially quite different mentalities, habits are valid, however, other self-evident facts and these influences, the life-style and the life rhythm of country to country differently.

This asks from tolerance, adaptability as well as understanding and respect compared to the culture and the religion of the location we visit.
My experience about people of Thailand, respect is important here, and people show this through body language. It’s polite to Wai to someone who is older or more influential than you. Students will Wai to a professor, for example.
These days, businessmen shake hands when they meet.  People here don’t stand too close to each other during conversation, but in the cities, stranger might bump into each other accidentally or even push a bit in lines – that’s not considered rude, and someone won’t apologize when that happens.

That surprises some Western visitors. Sometimes they’re also surprised to see young women holding hands in public – that just means they’re friends. Men and women do not hold hands or touch each other in public, though.
“If you expect respect be the first to show it”

How can I reach this?
1. Choose your words carefully!
Words can injure or flatter. Words have power!

2. Respect indicates not to injure the clearance of other people.
To accept the opinion of other people, even if one feels them as wrong.



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